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»Sunday, November 06, 2011:
Writing update...
So I thought I would give an update on my writing.

I am working on finishing the first novella of a four brothers anthology. Before I took my break I had completed about 20K of this book. When I reread it recently I loved the story and hated my heroine. So I have been rewriting and adding more pages. I will have this first novella complete and off to my CPs by the end of 2011. YAY!

I also have started researching a new time period. I grew up watching westerns with my Dad. They were pretty much on all the time. I always loved them.

A few months ago Mr. Danes and I watched all three seasons of Deadwood. We LOVED it and we are looking forward to the premiere of Hell On Wheels tonight. Mr. Danes suggested maybe to jump start my excitement I should look at writing a western.

I loved the idea, so this weekend Mr. Danes and I took a trip to the Mecca of books Powells. I came away with:

Soiled Doves by Anne Seagraves
Tough Towns by Robert Barr Smith
Seeking Pleasure in the Old West by David Dary
Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters by Bill O'Neal

I have been reading ever since we came home. Every time I have taken a break from my chores, I sit down and read. I'm fascinated by the time. I feel a new and different story energy brewing and it feels amazing.

So, as i finish up my current novella, I will continue to read, take notes, and brainstorm about my new characters. yummm!


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  1. Wow Lacy, I can't wait for them to hit the book stores. :) Tell your CP's to hurry!

  2. Thanks, Danielle.

    Now I just need to get those words down!


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