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»Monday, June 06, 2011:
In Celebration Of Our Upcoming Marriage…
From now through Friday June 10th I will be giving away books and music CD's. How will it work? At 8pm PST each night I will pull a name from my comments list below to win a book of your choice from my back list, and a music CD that has one of our celebration songs on it.

Print books and the CD will be mailed out after the wedding. Grin.

Please check back daily to see if you won.

The Winners and the CD's:
Monday: #2 was randomly picked: Krystal! CD:Stateless by Stateless (song from our celebration Bloodstream.)

Tuesday: #6 was randomly picked: Christine Brooks! CD:Disintegration by The Cure (song from our celebration Love Song.)

Wednesday: #5 was randomly picked: Lindsey Hutchison! CD:Rattle & Hum by U2 (song from our celebration All I Want Is You.)

Thursday:# 7 was randomly picked:Bernadette! CD:Live In New York City by Bruce Springsteen (song from our celebration If I Should Fall Behind.)

Friday:#8 was randomly picked: Tegan! CD:Scratch My Back by Peter Gabriel (song from our celebration The Power of The Heart.)

If you are one of the winners, please email me at with your book selection from my books page.


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  1. Hi Lacey,

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway, what a sweet thing to do, especially when you must be so busy preparing for the big day!
    Your list of celebration songs is just perfect!

    Best wishes for a long and happy life together. :)

  2. Put my name into the prize bucket!

  3. WOW Lacy, your wedding has come up quick. LOL! Love it how you say, they will be posted AFTER the wedding. *giggle* I recall my own and how little time i had before, during and after. But it's all worth it if his your hero. :)

  4. So happy you have found someone that makes you as happy as you deserve!! Best wishes!
    Loving the music selections (especially The Cure & Gabriel) you've chosen to celebrate to! May your day be absolutely beautiful!

  5. oh my stars congrats on your upcoming big day i bet your so excited. i can only imagine how your probably jumping about with excitement as the day gets nearer and how beautiful you will look and how handsome the groom will be. now i go off into day dreams i can only imagine. i wish you many blessing and lots of love and happiness. im so happy for you.

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I can't wait to see pictures of your day. You are one busy lady to be giving away gifts and planning a wedding! Will this be a traditional dress or something sexy? I vote for something sexy! ;)

  7. You are so beautiful! I would have to say he is one lucky man...I'm glad that he is your Ursus! I'm looking for mine now.

    Thanks for writing such great books Lacy. I personally am addicted! Best wishes for a lifetime of love and romance!

  8. LOL Lacy, U2 is one of my fav bands. They came to Australia at the end of last year, but sadly not to my state. One day, (fingers crossed) i'll see them live.

  9. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  10. Congrats on your wedding! Such a special day!

  11. Here's not only wishing for a chance at some free swag, but also that your wedding day is as beautiful as you are yourself. KC

  12. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Best wishes! I bet you are nervous as hell (well, I would be ;)). And of course, we want to see some pictures of the dress!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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